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ISSN: 1920-3799

Journal of Biophysics, Hematology and Oncology

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Editors' Introduction

The Journal of Biophysics, Hematology and Oncology (J Biophys Hematol Oncol, or JBHO) is primarily intended as an electronic vehicle for the publication of original work carried out at the Aurora Biophysics Research Institute (ABRI) in the fields of biophysics, microbiology, molecular biology, hematology and oncology. However, the Journal and its editorial board will be pleased to accept any cogent theoretical or experimental contribution from outside authors - including worthwhile previously reviewed reprints (given adequate permission). Unlike other ABRI publications, the JBHO is not restricted to aetherometric research.

Presently, all contributions will be reviewed by the editorial board, but our aim is to create an open review process in which publications would be accompanied by ongoing commentary from outside sources. Volunteer reviewers are welcome to apply directly to the board.

The reader should be apprised of the fact that JBHO, like other ABRI journals, is run entirely as a volunteer publication. Accordingly, we cannot now commit to a periodic publication. We hope we will be able to do so in the future. Only your support can determine that. This journal is free, serves no political, religious or economic interests, has no subsidies and no advertising revenue. If you care about this effort, help ABRI.

Thank you,

Dr. Paulo Correa, MSc, PhD
For the JBHO Editorial Board

Author Contributions

Please read the Editors' Introduction above.

To submit a paper for publication, please send the manuscript in PDF format. If you do not directly mount the figures and tables in the text, then please follow the traditional order of placing figures first and tables last. If the paper is accepted for publication, we will contact you for the final formatting as a PDF manuscript.

Please read our copyright policy terms below.

Please send all manuscripts via email to:   editor.JBHO@aetherometry.com .

Expect a response within 4 weeks of your submission.

Copyright Policy

In keeping with our policy to minimize bureaucracy, all we request is that, following acceptance of a manuscript and prior to publication, any and all authors should state that JBHO retains a non-revocable right to publish the submitted manuscript. We do not request exclusive transfer of copyrights.

Open Review Contributions

Please send us your comments and any review of articles published by JBHO. If it is cogent, we will publish it, with or without editorial coments.

E-mail all comments or reviews to:   editor.JBHO@aetherometry.com .

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