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About Akronos, Our Work, This Website

  1. About Akronos Publishing
    Source:  Akronos website
    Our purpose, nature and mode of operation.
  2. Our Team
    Source:  Akronos website
    Who we are.
  3. About This Website
    Source:  Akronos website
    The nature and focus of this website, and how to use it.
  4. Ongoing Aetherometric Research
    Source:  ABRI website
    The website of the Aurora Biophysics Research Institute (ABRI) offers extensive information about ongoing research in Aetherometry and Aether Technologies.
  5. Plasma Physics Research
    Source:  Akronos website
    Archival materials, patents and electronic monographs pertaining to the Correas' research in Plasma Physics at Labofex (1993-2003).
  6. This Website: System and Software Recommendations
    Source:  Akronos website
    Software required for reading our electronic publications; potential browser problems and what to do about them, etc.