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How Can You Help Akronos?

From simply perusing this website, you undoubtedly know how many of the materials we have brought to you in these webpages are offered for free. If it was up to us, and there were no costs involved in running this operation, they would all be free. Unfortunately, the costs involved are not negligible, and to be able to continue our endeavours we need your help.

Not all of the help we need is necessarily translated into financial support. First of all, you can help us by simply understanding what goes on in these pages; by learning Aetherometry and developing an appreciation of its accomplishments, of their complexity and what is at stake. You can also help us by employing aetherometric science in your own work or research, and letting us know about it; by talking to others about Aetherometry and pointing them to the Aetherometry web sites; by sending us a letter of support; and by submitting your own original materials for publication to Akronos Publishing. The work you submit does not necessarily have to be related to the topics already being addressed by Akronos. If your submissions are well written and thought out, we may well be - in Doc Holliday's immortal phrase - "your huckleberry".

If you are unable to afford your own copies of Akronos books or DVDs, please approach your local library, or your college/university library, and ask it to purchase the books for its collection.

We wish we could lie to you and say that you would be doing any of these things to save mankind, the planet or your soul. You would not. You would be doing them for us and for you. For us, because without your support, it will become impossible to move forward. For you, because these pages are filled with matters and understanding that is pertinent to all of us, to the responsibility that every sentient human being has for Life and the living, and to the desire to learn more about ourselves and the world we inhabit. Only you can put to use the knowledge that we have freely given here.

And if you can afford to give us monetary support, please do! Without your donations none of this would have been possible. Any donation that you choose to make will contribute to our ongoing publication, education and publicization efforts. You can make a donation by check or money order - or, if you would prefer to use a credit card or PayPal, you can use the button below. Your donation will be kept strictly anonymous unless you request otherwise.

Please help us continue this pioneering effort!

The Akronos Team