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How to Contact Us

If you are using a Gmail account:  Gmail has from time to time, for some inexplicable reason, put communications from aetherometry.com into a spam folder. If you are emailing us from a Gmail account, or are on our announcements list, or are an ISFA member, or are ordering from us and giving a Gmail address as your return address, please make sure that you are able to receive our communications. Either whitelist the domain "aetherometry.com", or disable automatic spam filtering on your account.

Problems and questions concerning our Web pages: webmaster@aetherometry.com
Problems and questions concerning an order: orders@aetherometry.com
Scientific and technological feedback: feedback@aetherometry.com
Scientific, technological, and business inquiries: inquiries@aetherometry.com
If you need to send us postal mail, please use any of the above email addresses to ask us for the correct postal address.