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Whither Science? - A Science without Origins:
Nomad, Minor Science and the Scientific Method (2)

by Correa, Paulo N. & Correa, Alexandra N.
Aurora Biophysics Research Institute

J Sci Polit Thought, Volume 1, Issue 2 (December 2009),  pp. 1-49

Article ID:   JSPT01-02-01

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In the second part of "Whither Science", we follow the emergence of an eccentric science from the pre-Socratic philosophers to Archimedes, and describe how an eccentric science then went on to become the major source of Royal Science across despotic, imperial and modern social formations. And yet, the problems that properly concern eccentric science have never received conclusive solutions - whether at stake is a consistent treatment of energy as a multiplicity, or of Space and Time as manifolds, or, simply, the question of what it means for a knowledge to be adequate and actual. We propose a novel approach to the conceptualization and functional solution of these problems - including that of the relationship between science and art - which arises from our foundational work on a complete physics of energy in both massfree and massbound forms.