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Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) - Critical Biography

by Adrien Lucca & the ISFA Editorial Committee

J Aetherom Res, Volume 2, Issue 11 (November 2012),  pp. 1-25

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This short biography of the work of Wilhelm Reich (originally published in French), is the only existing critical appreciation of his research. His life and work have been for so long the subject of gross distortion and malignant attacks - by detractors and followers alike - that all criticism addressed to him has only served to further debase his legacy. But this text by Adrien Lucca and the ISFA Editorial Committee shows that with a solid understanding of Reich's pioneering scientific research, of its insights, discoveries and mistakes, it is possible to arrive at a constructive criticism of his lifetime work. The text also leaves us with the realization that the work of this very special man continues to this day through the work of a handful of scientists, amongst them the late Dr. Eugene Mallove.

Simultaneously with its publication in the Journal of Aetherometric Research, this text has also been released in the Encyclopedia Nomadica.