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A test of Aetherometry vs Relativity, Special and Larmor-Lorentz:
The 1938 Ives-Stilwell experiment -
Aetherometry vs. Relativity (2)

by Correa, Paulo N.; Correa, Alexandra N.; Askanas, Malgosia; Gryziecki, Gene; Sola-Soler, Jordi

Published in February 2009.     28 pages.

Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity, Vol. 1

Monograph AS3-I.4


See also Linear and angular light Doppler shifts and the Sagnac experiment: Aetherometry vs. Relativity (1)


Aetherometry (AToS), which explicitly addresses electrical collisions but does not employ LF-transformations, is here used to predict charged particle velocities and transverse Dopplers in the 1938 Ives and Stilwell experiment. The predictions nearly match observed results, precluding time-dilation. For particle velocity: AToS within 3.9% of observed; SR/LLR with- in 9.7%. For transverse Doppler: AToS within 4% of observed; SR/LLR within 8.4%